🏆 Zimbabwe Cup

The Zimbabwe Football Cup stands as a beacon of football passion and competition in this Southern African nation. A journey that began years ago, it has transformed into a captivating narrative of skill and determination.

Main Teams in the Cup

The Zimbabwe Football Cup brings together a formidable array of teams that have etched their names into the annals of Zimbabwean football history. Clubs like Dynamos FC, Highlanders FC, CAPS United, and Chicken Inn FC clash with a common goal: to claim the coveted title.

🏆 Winning Teams in the Last 10 Seasons

🗓️ Season🥇 Winner🏃🏾 Runner-Up
2012Dynamos FCHighlanders FC
2013How Mine FCFC Platinum
2014FC PlatinumHarare City FC
2015Harare City FCDynamos FC
2016Ngezi PlatinumFC Platinum
2017Harare City FCHow Mine FC
2018Harare City FCBulawayo Chiefs
2019FC PlatinumNgezi Platinum
2020– Season Cancelled –
2021FC PlatinumHighlanders FC
2022– Season Ongoing –


The Zimbabwe Football Cup is an embodiment of the nation’s dedication to football, providing a platform for teams to showcase their prowess and fans to embrace the sport’s essence. As the journey continues, we invite you to explore more about this captivating league and similar football narratives through our website. Discover the players, teams, and stories that form the rich tapestry of African football, fostering unity and celebration across the continent. Stay tuned for the latest updates on Zimbabwe’s football journey and beyond.

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