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UEFA Europa League - Third qualifying round
Major League Soccer
Copa Aguila
1.26 1 6.00 x 14.25 2
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1.40 1 4.30 x 10.00 2
1.30 1 4.65 x 13.75 2
Kakkonen - Group A
Kakkonen - Group C
Kolmonen - Keski-Pohjanmaa&Vaasa
Kolmonen - Uusimaa & Helsinki 2
Kolmonen - Uusimaa & Helsinki 3
Copa MX
3. Division - 1
2.48 1 3.25 x 2.90 2
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Calcutta Premier Division
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Valitor-bikar Cup
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Football Betting Odds

Regardless of whether you’re a veteran football bettor or simply looking to place your first football bet, odds on football matches are available at dozens of the biggest bookmakers in the betting industry. No matter which league, match or betting market you want to bet on, you’ll find the best odds for today’s football matches available at Smartbets.

Whether you’re looking for betting odds on football match result markets such as 1X2, Asian handicaps and goal totals or the vast array of specials and exotics, Smartbets list the best odds for all popular football betting markets.

Smartbets shows you which bookmakers are offering the best odds for the market you are looking to place a bet on. There’s no need to browse from bookmaker to bookmaker, Smartbets list football odds across a diverse menu of markets giving you the ability to see which bookmakers are offering you the best value.

How To Convert Odds

Football odds come in a number of formats. The most popular of these are decimal odds and fractional odds. While fractional odds are considered the most traditional form of football odds, decimal odds are certainly the most popular. Either way, Smartbets allows you to set your preferred odds format including not only decimal and fractional football odds, but also moneyline odds.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are presented in decimal format. For example, odds for a match between Manchester City and Tottenham would be listed in decimal format as:

 Manchester City 2.00
Draw 3.40
Tottenham 3.90

Decimal odds display what your profit will be if you bet on a certain outcome and your bet wins. We will discuss this in more detail shortly.

Fractional Odds

How do fractional odds differ from decimal odds? Using our previous example, fractional odds are presented in the following format:

Manchester City 1/1
Draw 12/5
Tottenham 29/10

Fractional odds display the amount you will receive in profit, given an amount staked. As with decimals, we will discuss this in more detail shortly. Smartbets also offers odds displayed in Moneyline format. You can learn more about Moneyline odds here.

To convert decimal odds to fractional odds or vice versa, use this odds conversion tool.



Football Betting Payout

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