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What is Smartbets?

SmartBets is an interesting odds comparison tool. We’ve partnered up with major bookmakers across Africa, and are pitting them against each other to make sure that you are getting the highest potential value with your bets. Plus, with almost 100 different football leagues, SmartBets will help you find the best odds for almost any match in Africa.

Why use Smartbets?

With almost 100 different leagues to choose from, finding the right bet can become overwhelming. That’s why SmartBets let’s you create your own profile that is tailor made to your preferences. There is no longer a need to sift through countless irrelevant betting markets – just follow your favourite leagues, teams, bookmakers and markets, and SmartBets will deliver the value straight to you without the clutter.

What are Our Values?

At SmartBets, one of our core values is transparency. That is why we are very open about our affiliate business model, and want to make sure that all of our users know that our products are made to help potential users be educated in their betting. That is why all of our products offer insights to help punters succeed in their betting strategies.

Additionally, we also note the percentage payout on all of the bookmaker odds we present. This assures you that, as a user, you know exactly how much a bookmaker is making off of your bets. With this transparency function, we are able to keep our users informed when choosing a bookmaker, as well as keep bookmakers in check regarding their relationship to our users.

Our History

SmartBets is produced by the Better Collective team. Better Collective aims to improve their users’ betting strategies by supplying them with as much information possible before making any betting actions.

Being transparent about our business model, it is clear that we collaborate with as many bookmakers as possible to provide our users with as much knowledge and opportunities available. We work hard to establish strong and personal relationships with bookmakers so that they are happy to provide our users with as much information as possible.

Thanks to our commitment to both our users and bookmaker partners, Better Collective has received the prestigious eGaming Review (EGR) Affiliate of the Year award in 2015. Additionally, as of 2016, Better Collective has won the coveted Gazelle Award for six consecutive years, as well as being recognized by the European Business Awards as the Entrepreneur of the Year for Denmark in 2016.

We continue to grow as a company so that we can keep strengthening all of our platforms, as well as develop new ones, so that our users can feel confident before placing bets with any of our bookmaker partners.

Responsible Gaming – When the Fun Stops

Betting is intended to be an entertaining experience that enhances the enjoyment of games while potentially yielding a profit. Our aim is to help facilitate a knowledgeable betting experience for users who are looking to bet for entertainment purposes. However, there are times when betting moves outside the entertainment sphere—and that is when the fun stops.

If you feel that you are drifting away from betting as a form of entertainment, then it is important to evaluate your relationship with gambling.

Go to bettingexpert.com’s break down of gambling addiction to see if you are exhibiting any of the early warning signs of an addiction.

If you are in need of support, please refer to any of the following experts. They offer a variety of treatments that can help you in any way that you may need.