🏆 Mauritania Premier League

The Premier League in Mauritania has been a pivotal platform for football development in the heart of the Sahara since its establishment in 1976. This esteemed league stands as a testament to Mauritania’s passion for the sport and its role in nurturing local talent and fostering unity within communities across the nation.

Main Teams in the League

The Premier League brings together a diverse range of teams that embody Mauritania’s footballing spirit. Notable clubs include FC Nouadhibou, FC Tevragh-Zeïna, ASC Ksar, and ASC Snim. These teams grace the pitch, showcasing their skill and dedication, and creating moments that resonate with fans across the country.

🏆 Winning Teams in the Last 10 Seasons

🗓️ Season🥇 Winner🏃🏾 Runner-Up
2012FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2013FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2014FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2015FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2016FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2017FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2018FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2019FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2020– Season Cancelled –
2021FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna
2022FC NouadhibouFC Tevragh-Zeïna


The Premier League stands as a testament to the vibrancy of football in Mauritania, providing a platform for local talents to shine and communities to unite. Each season, fans are treated to enthralling matches that mirror the nation’s deep-seated passion for the sport. For a comprehensive understanding of the Premier League and similar football competitions across Africa, this website offers a wealth of insights. Immerse yourself in the world of African football to explore the excitement, skill, and camaraderie that define the beautiful game on the continent.

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