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5 matches to watch out for at WWE Summerslam - odds and predictions

This Sunday WWE presents Summerslam, arguably the second biggest pay-per-view event of the year behind Wrestlemania, but the show promises thrills and spills with a stacked card that is sure to please even the most hardcore wrestling fan.

What are the Odds looks at the five top matches at the event where you as a wrestling punter can make some decent profit, with all odds taken from Sky Bet bookmaker.

United States Championship - The Miz (1.57) vs Apollo Crews (2.25)

Let’s start with the United States Championship, with The Miz defending his title against one of the newest additions to the WWE roster in Apollo Crews (5/4).

This past week on Smackdown Live the upstart Crews got the upperhand as he left The Miz on the floor after hitting a spin-out powerbomb - gaining the upperhand on the champion heading into Summerslam.

However, the challenger is still pretty green when it comes to the main roster and the feud has been pretty underwhelming, and as history suggests, whoever gets the upperhand on the show prior to the big event, usually loses.

Predicted winner - The Miz (retains championship)

Tag Team Championship - The New Day (3.25) vs The Club (1.33)

As of today the champions The New Day (9/4) are going strong at 362 days, making them the longest reigning custodians of the titles since they were introduced in 2002.

The absence of the New Day’s strongest member Big E to-injury leaves the champions exposed and if there was ever a time for the dominant Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (1/3) to win the WWE tag gold for the first time it’s this Sunday at Summerslam.

Predicted winners - The Club (new champions)

John Cena (3.74) vs AJ Styles (1.25)

Wrestling fans have been watching AJ Styles ( with a keen sense of intrigue as to what direction and what kind of elevation the WWE would take the Phenomenal One on since his arrival at the company back in January 2016.

Now at 39-years old and with a glittering track-record across the world of wrestling, now seems to be the time to put the rocket boosters firmly-on Styles and ultimately go in the direction of becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

John Cena is ‘the face of the company’ and also at 39-years old, this marks a very juncture in the path of both men. If WWE wants a full-time ‘top tier’ guy that is credible then AJ Styles should win this Sunday night - it’s as simple as he needs it more than Cena.

Predicted winner - AJ Styles

Cena or Styles - pick your winner at Sky Bet

WWE Universal Championship - Finn Balor (1.62) vs Seth Rollins (2.20)

Don’t deny it, we all cringed when the name of this championship was announced it’s going to take something special to make this title credible in the eyes of hardcore fans. Hopefully a match-up between two of arguably the most exciting and consistent wrestlers of our generation can make this an inaugural title match not to forget.

With Finn Balor summoning the Demon for the first time on the main roster and the huge hype and momentum that has followed him since he was drafted to Monday Night Raw it would be quite interesting if the WWE were to ‘rip the rug’ from beneath him this Sunday. It’s a very tough one to call as it could really go either way.

Prediction - Finn Balor (new champion)

WWE World Championship - Dean Ambrose (1.13) vs Dolph Ziggler (5.50)

Who would have predicted Dolph Ziggler returning to main event a world title match at Summerslam no more than a month ago? His return to form has made for great TV between the two - trading off fantastic in-ring promos and intensity that has given this match all the build it needed to make it a ‘must watch’.

Dolph landed a spectacular super kick to down the champion this week on Smackdown Live and despite getting the ‘last word’, expect Ambrose to continue his reign as champion. One thing that we can guarantee is that although there is likely to be no new champion, the match and performance of the two in the ring this Sunday should be spectacular.

Prediction - Dean Ambrose (still champion)


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