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Which Country is Leaving the EU Next?

The United Kingdom made history by becoming the first-ever nation to leave the European Union, and William Hill is also offering markets on who will be next to follow them out of the continental body’s door.

What Are The Odds has crunched the numbers and broken down who looks most likely to follow the example set by the Brits in 2016.

Which Country will leave the EU next?

Greece is the standout favourite to become the second country to leave the EU’s borders, currently priced at 8/11 (1.73) to do so, while France are a rather distant second at 5/1 (6.00).

That being said, “Frexit,” as it has become known, is a firm possibility in the minds of some. Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National party, has campaigned for a “yes or no” referendum on EU membership if she wins the vote for the French presidency, and there are supporters to provide some belief France could follow the UK’s lead.

The jostle to depart the EU looks like something of a free-for-all after that, with industry leaders Germany aploot 20/1 (21.00), while Spain—another nation to have endured economic struggle in recent years—is further out at 25/1 (26.00).

Tied with Germany at a price of 20/1 (21.00) comes neighbouring nations Austria and the Czech Republic, alongside Scandinavian giants Sweden and Denmark, neither of whom appear too likely to bow out anytime soon.

In June of this year, the Guardian reported the majority of parties in both Denmark and Sweden were still largely in support of remaining a part of the European Union, while most voters in Germany also sided with “strength in numbers,” per se.

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reland has experienced major economic growth over the past 18 months—a whopping 26.3% in 2015, per the Guardian, to be exact—and so an EU departure seems highly unlikely on their part, and odds of 12/1 (13.00) could even be seen as a tad understated.

Less populated nations such as Latvia and Romania are among the long shots to leave at 66/1 (67.00), while Luxembourg—with a population of little more than half a million—is an 80/1 near-impossibility to exit.

All things considered, Greece are the obvious outliers to become the next nation to head for the EU exit as more countries consider the possibility of independence.

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