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Clinton v Trump debate: odds on words to be said!

UK bookmaker Ladbrokes has set odds on what words and phrases are to be said during Clinton v Trump first TV debate on Monday, 26th of September 2016. calculated probabilities for you, so that you have a better overview on what to stake your money. Good luck! 

Words & Phrases Probability, % Odds
Make America Great Again 90.91 1/10
Commander In Chief 83.33 1/5
Lying 66.67 1/2
Putin 66.67 1/2
Crooked 60 4/6
Mexico's Gonna Pay For It 44.44 5/4
Unbelievable 40 6/4
Reagan 40 6/4
Basket Of Deplorables 40 6/4
Racist 33.33 2/1
Founding Fathers 33.33 2/1
You're Fired 33.33 2/1
Washington Bubble 25 3/1
Total Loser 20 4/1
Brexit 16.67 5/1
Give Me A Break 16.67 5/1
Monica Lewinsky 9.09 10/1
How the Hell Should I Know 4.76 20/1
How's Your Cold 4.76 20/1
You're No Jack Kennedy 2.94 33/1




Statistical Analysis discovers hidden trends and values in major gambling events by deciphering both contemporary stats and historical data. We derive our probabilities from history, not just betting odds, so you don't have to.




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