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05:27 York Race 1

Touch Plate

Race result

th Kebalah At odds: 9.00
th The Tote Crusher At odds: 21.00
th I Wonder At odds: 3.00
th Krakkas At odds: 6.50
th Dinkum Girl At odds: 21.00
th Trace Sea At odds: 23.00
th Alimentaria At odds: 2.38

06:04 York Race 2

Community Plate

Race result

th Ramruey At odds: 3.50
th Get The Vibe At odds: 3.40
th Mr Undercover At odds: 2.50
th There At Five At odds: 17.00
th Uptown Funk At odds: 23.00
th Yadreamin At odds: 13.00
th Queen Tori At odds: 126.00

06:39 York Race 3

Boulevard Plate

Race result

th Lucs Star At odds: 251.00
th Reducing Numbers At odds: 10.00
th Mumstheone At odds: 6.00
th Bellflower At odds: 29.00
th Twentytwo Bang At odds: 151.00
th Shibata Fox At odds: 67.00
th Mighty Tori At odds: 101.00
th Im Pretty At odds: 2.00
th Miss Quoted At odds: 6.00
th Sassational At odds: 5.00

07:14 York Race 4

York Plate

Race result

th Global Ruler At odds: 67.00
th Schimmel At odds: 8.00
th Heavenly Dust At odds: 41.00
th Ooga Chaka At odds: 15.00
th Lil Red Bikini At odds: 3.20
th Rock The Planet At odds: 21.00
th Michelle Ma Belle At odds: 6.50
th Solid Azza At odds: 34.00
th Shes A Ruler At odds: 67.00
th Trutiara At odds: 3.75

07:53 York Race 5

Better Plate

Race result

th Throttle At odds: 41.00
th Testa De Lago At odds: 7.50
th Shivers Of Joy At odds: 21.00
th Muskebello At odds: 11.00
th Infiltrator At odds: 7.50
th Magic Empire At odds: 2.50
th Lord Sadler At odds: 67.00
th The Last Breeze At odds: 13.00
th Across The Sea At odds: 6.00
th Princess Satab At odds: 67.00
th Delectable Dolly At odds: 12.00
th Hicount At odds: 17.00
th Set In Motion At odds: 29.00
th Mascherano At odds: 101.00
th Total Disc At odds: 151.00
th Mia Stella At odds: 34.00

08:29 York Race 6

Hairitage Plate

Race result

th Threesun At odds: 2.88
th Startthefriar At odds: 2.63
th Scandal Maker At odds: 8.50
th High Tea At odds: 8.50
th Sketch Line At odds: 17.00
th Black Smuggler At odds: 11.00
th Blazing Business At odds: 41.00
th Law Major At odds: 29.00

09:08 York Race 7

Hlb Mann Judd Plate

Race result

th Gunflint At odds: 2.50
th Little Red Roman At odds: 9.00
th Frosty Bay At odds: 34.00
th Athlone Castle At odds: 6.50
th Missing Pro At odds: 3.75
th Carranya Lass At odds: 10.00
th Sound Of Fury At odds: 21.00
th Chasing The Ace At odds: 23.00
th Rufus At odds: 101.00

09:41 York Race 8

Better Your Plate

Race result

th Everymile A Memory At odds: 5.50
th Fair Foot At odds: 41.00
th Rosie Red Dress At odds: 7.50
th Well Meet Again At odds: 6.00
th Satiric At odds: 4.50
th Armed And Ready At odds: 8.00
th Regent Star At odds: 8.00
th Danish Gem At odds: 11.00
th Mambazo At odds: 29.00
th His N Hers At odds: 67.00
th Haya At odds: 34.00
th Larking At odds: 26.00


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