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Vaal odds

11:15 Vaal Race 1

Juvenile Plate

Race result

th Covert Action At odds: 101.00
th Berengaria At odds: 11.00
th Kit Kat Katie At odds: 81.00
th French Kitten At odds: 41.00
th Rowins Dream At odds: 41.00
th Lady Of Power At odds: 1.62
th Silver Mensa At odds: 3.25
th Memorial Day At odds: 19.00
th Strange Magic At odds: 51.00
th She's A Klawer At odds: 41.00
th Spirit Princess At odds: 51.00
th Summer Of Dreams At odds: 67.00
th Street Parade At odds: 21.00
th Wilkies At odds: 51.00
th Treaty At odds: 21.00

11:45 Vaal Race 2

Maiden Juvenile Plate

Race result

th Brave Viking At odds: 17.00
th Eteeay At odds: 21.00
th Brosnan At odds: 8.50
th Jimmy Don At odds: 4.00
th Fort Lauderdale At odds: 2.63
th Magwinya At odds: 26.00
th Prince Of Pride At odds: 34.00
th Tartarus At odds: 34.00
th Stella Et Clavis At odds: 34.00
th Timeinthewoods At odds: 3.50
th The Chosen One At odds: 26.00
th Vuvuzela Umlilo At odds: 67.00

12:20 Vaal Race 3

High Plate

Race result

th Big Five At odds: 3.50
th Thai Treat At odds: 26.00
th Never To Clever At odds: 4.50
th That's A Fact At odds: 23.00
th Bye Bye Birdie At odds: 13.00
th Kentallen Bay At odds: 13.00
th Johnny Dogs At odds: 2.88
th Dame Twining At odds: 12.00

12:55 Vaal Race 4

Soccer Plate (F & M)

Race result

th Mercurial Jet At odds: 9.00
th Bless My Stars At odds: 2.62
th Lunar Ballade At odds: 8.50
th Countess Danza At odds: 17.00
th Flying Spirit At odds: 15.00
th High Roller At odds: 34.00
th Green Bubbles At odds: 5.50
th Queen Britanna At odds: 8.00

13:35 Vaal Race 5

Vaal Plate (F & M)

Race result

th Future Thinker At odds: 21.00
th Beltway At odds: 9.00
th Ebullience At odds: 15.00
th Smelting At odds: 17.00
th A Touch Of Sugar At odds: 6.00
th Kentish Maid At odds: 9.00
th Heart And Mind At odds: 4.33
th Silver Clock At odds: 2.75
th Nellie Bly At odds: 17.00

14:15 Vaal Race 6

Owners Plate

Race result

th Captain Freedom At odds: 41.00
th Forever Free At odds: 10.00
th Blackburn Jet At odds: 51.00
th Gone In Time At odds: 34.00
th Power Mad At odds: 51.00
th Duke Of Fire At odds: 51.00
th Far Away Winter At odds: 4.50
th Tara Iti At odds: 67.00
th Mayor Of Merrivale At odds: 17.00
th Spielberg At odds: 3.50
th Kite Surfer At odds: 67.00
th Tanganga At odds: 13.00
th Pendragon At odds: 17.00
th Vartacus At odds: 5.50
th Uncle Ticky Bird At odds: 7.00

14:50 Vaal Race 7

Tele Plate (F & M)

Race result

th May Queen At odds: 17.00
th Before The Dawn At odds: 11.00
th Greens At odds: 9.50
th Midnight Gem At odds: 6.50
th Seemyvision At odds: 12.00
th Sweet Sensation At odds: 8.00
th All Of Me At odds: 5.00
th Slalom Queen At odds: 9.00
th Rozara At odds: 3.50

15:25 Vaal Race 8

Next Vaal Plate (F & M)

Race result

th Call The Wind At odds: 21.00
th Fennec Fox At odds: 12.00
th Risky Business At odds: 15.00
th Love Bite At odds: 7.50
th Feather The Nest At odds: 5.50
th Samoa At odds: 4.50
th Spanish Song At odds: 21.00
th Verinova At odds: 5.50
th Stormy Lass At odds: 6.00
th Mercer Girl At odds: 34.00
th Rose For Trippi At odds: 6.00


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