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Lingfield odds

17:10 Lingfield Race 1

Racing League R8

Race result

th Aberama Gold At odds: 17.00
th Maywake At odds: 101.00
th Tadreeb At odds: 9.50
th Street Kid At odds: 8.00
th Ffion At odds: 6.50
th Natural Path At odds: 9.50
th Alablaq At odds: 101.00
th Cry Havoc At odds: 23.00
th Milltown Star At odds: 31.00
th Danzan At odds: 12.00
th Brunel Charm At odds: 8.50
th Mykonos St John At odds: 13.00
th Kapono At odds: 51.00
th Global Humor At odds: 101.00

17:40 Lingfield Race 2

Racing League R9

Race result

th Dream Show At odds: 34.00
th Honky Tonk Man At odds: 5.50
th Giewont At odds: 101.00
th Consensus De Vega At odds: 101.00
th Buckshaw Village At odds: 15.00
th Neptune Legend At odds: 101.00
th Matty Too At odds: 101.00
th Mumayaz At odds: 19.00
th Reversion At odds: 101.00
th A La Francaise At odds: 101.00
th Ideal Guest At odds: 19.00

18:10 Lingfield Race 3

Racing League R10

Race result

th Immortal Beauty At odds: 6.00
th Sunningdale At odds: 4.00
th Kiss N Cuddle At odds: 101.00
th Kingdom Of Dreams At odds: 6.00
th Double O At odds: 7.50
th Claretina At odds: 36.00
th Zephina At odds: 15.00
th Cuban Rock At odds: 101.00

18:40 Lingfield Race 4

Racing League R11

Race result

th Zenga At odds: 3.75
th Royal Aviation At odds: 6.50
th Cubana Habana At odds: 13.00
th Le Forban At odds: 5.00
th Postmark At odds: 9.50
th They Don't Know At odds: 5.00
th He's A Gentleman At odds: 13.00
th Rogue Mission At odds: 301.00

19:10 Lingfield Race 5

Racing League R12

Race result

th Jean Baptiste At odds: 34.00
th Red October At odds: 101.00
th Prydwen At odds: 11.00
th Fox Power At odds: 51.00
th Menai Bridge At odds: 21.00
th Tregony At odds: 12.00
th Group One Power At odds: 101.00
th Crafter At odds: 41.00
th Jewel Maker At odds: 17.00
th Light Up Our Stars At odds: 101.00
th Life On The Rocks At odds: 34.00
th Taravara At odds: 26.00
th Baby Steps At odds: 34.00
th Tommy G At odds: 101.00

19:40 Lingfield Race 6

Racing League R13

Race result

th Old Port At odds: 101.00
th Purple Ribbon At odds: 101.00
th Fair Star At odds: 21.00
th Desert Emperor At odds: 101.00
th No Recollection At odds: 67.00
th Noman At odds: 41.00
th Sophosc At odds: 26.00
th Merlin's Beard At odds: 19.00
th Neandra At odds: 101.00
th Qaasid At odds: 101.00
th Storm Castle At odds: 101.00
th Augmentarium At odds: 101.00
th Carrigillihy At odds: 81.00

20:10 Lingfield Race 7

Racing League R14

Race result

th Reverend Hubert At odds: 13.00
th Diamond Bay At odds: 5.50
th Gordon's Jet At odds: 13.00
th Sea Appeal At odds: 6.50
th Good Soul At odds: 23.00
th King Francis At odds: 8.50
th Country Pyle At odds: 4.50
th Blame It On Sally At odds: 10.00
th Zain Nights At odds: 11.00
th Eye Knee At odds: 81.00
th Spantik At odds: 29.00


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