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12:30 Fontwell Race 1

Race 1

Race result

th Amron Kali At odds: 111.00
th The Premier Celtic At odds: 21.00
th Episode At odds: 17.00
th Passing Oceans At odds: 19.00
th Miss Yeats At odds: 51.00
th Gold Man At odds: 126.00
th Heresmynumber At odds: 36.00
th Jimmy At odds: 9.50
th Ballyantics At odds: 23.00
th Flashdanza At odds: 51.00
th Heres Bingo At odds: 4.33
th Presenting Lucina At odds: 21.00
th Galtee Mountain At odds: 71.00
th Brandy Cross At odds: 10.00
th Two Sams At odds: 2.25
th Spirit Of Rome At odds: 36.00

13:00 Fontwell Race 2

Race 2

Race result

th Christmas In April At odds: 2.75
th Manofthemountain At odds: 3.75
th Gleno At odds: 5.50
th Lord Condi At odds: 51.00
th Tea Time On Mars At odds: 5.50
th Mab Dab At odds: 67.00

13:30 Fontwell Race 3

Race 3

Race result

th Eighteenhundred At odds: 151.00
th Isle Of Wolves At odds: 51.00
th Gelboe De Chanay At odds: 1.40
th Peckinpah At odds: 10.00
th John Betjeman At odds: 34.00
th Alfa Dawn At odds: 67.00
th Zamani At odds: 4.50
th Invincible Sea At odds: 251.00
th Dandy Belle At odds: 301.00
th Miss Harriett At odds: 126.00

14:00 Fontwell Race 4

Race 4

Race result

th Bally Longford At odds: 4.00
th Quarenta At odds: 2.25
th Diplomate Sivola At odds: 2.88

14:30 Fontwell Race 5

Race 5

Race result

th Bucks Beautiful At odds: 301.00
th Eyes Right At odds: 2.25
th Crystal Gazing At odds: 7.00
th Givepeaceachance At odds: 67.00
th Flintara At odds: 251.00
th Hoot At Midnight At odds: 151.00
th Katies Escape At odds: 31.00
th Martha Brae At odds: 26.00
th Lady Kingsmill At odds: 151.00
th Sawpit Sienna At odds: 301.00
th Mystic Dreamer At odds: 2.62
th Scarlet Couture At odds: 41.00

15:00 Fontwell Race 6

Race 6

Race result

th Hidden Glen At odds: 9.00
th Mortens Leam At odds: 3.75
th Gold Mountain At odds: 6.00
th Hugos Reflection At odds: 6.50
th Black Lightning At odds: 9.50
th Gustav At odds: 29.00
th Sonoftheking At odds: 9.50
th Remember Me Well At odds: 101.00
th Spiritofchartwell At odds: 13.00

15:30 Fontwell Race 7

Race 7

Race result

th Whatsmeanttobe At odds: 9.00
th Pepper Street At odds: 29.00
th Marley Firth At odds: 9.00
th Lochinver At odds: 4.50
th Rahmah At odds: 51.00
th Avoir De Soins At odds: 10.00
th En Coeur At odds: 29.00
th Crafty Codger At odds: 21.00
th Telegraph Place At odds: 7.50
th Polar Light At odds: 51.00
th Moonlit Sea At odds: 13.00
th Royal Concorde At odds: 9.50
th Pottlereaghexpress At odds: 5.00
th Clondaw Robin At odds: 6.50


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