Evangeline Downs
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Evangeline Downs odds

00:17 Evangeline Downs Race 2

Race 2

Race result

There are no results for this race...

00:44 Evangeline Downs Race 3

Race 3

Race result

There are no results for this race...

01:11 Evangeline Downs Race 4

Race 4

Race result

th Crypto Brave At odds: 9.00
th My Little Fire At odds: 5.50
th Doeny Sparks At odds: 51.00
th Scarlet's Causeway At odds: 26.00
th Some Would Say At odds: 2.10
th Mave Runner At odds: 26.00
th Go Figure At odds: 5.50
th Little Tator Tot At odds: 67.00

01:38 Evangeline Downs Race 5

Race 5

Race result

th Charlie Sky At odds: 9.00
th Harriet's Dream At odds: 2.38
th Cheyann Glitters At odds: 21.00
th Miss Linda Lou At odds: 29.00
th Bridled Up At odds: 5.50
th Sandra's Juel At odds: 8.50
th Bestieverhad At odds: 8.50
th Love That Star At odds: 3.50

02:05 Evangeline Downs Race 6

Race 6

Race result

th Golden V C At odds: 41.00
th Proper Cross At odds: 21.00
th Bettin On Bryan At odds: 23.00
th Inlike Flen At odds: 4.50
th Desiard At odds: 3.25
th Can If I Can At odds: 8.50
th First Metal Count At odds: 8.50
th Cajun Berti At odds: 5.00

02:32 Evangeline Downs Race 7

Race 7

Race result

th Silent Cry At odds: 23.00
th Wild One Forever At odds: 8.50
th Von Dom At odds: 1.001
th Golden Noguez At odds: 15.00
th Young Thomas At odds: 4.50
th Shar's Treasure At odds: 6.00
th Hashtag Speed At odds: 1.001
th Easy To Miss At odds: 6.50
th Love That Warrior At odds: 6.00

02:59 Evangeline Downs Race 8

Race 8

Race result

th Counterfeit At odds: 23.00
th Sharp Memories At odds: 34.00
th Balky At odds: 23.00
th Cajun Navy At odds: 1.80
th Jays Riverwrangler At odds: 4.00
th Leyton's Hippie At odds: 23.00
th Fire Watch At odds: 6.50


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