Evangeline Downs
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Evangeline Downs odds

00:17 Evangeline Downs Race 2

Race 2

Race result

There are no results for this race...

00:44 Evangeline Downs Race 3

Race 3

Race result

There are no results for this race...

01:11 Evangeline Downs Race 4

Race 4

Race result

th I Got Wings At odds: 12.00
th Earnestine N Hazel At odds: 1.001
th Marlow At odds: 4.00
th Miss Laughalot At odds: 15.00
th Tizindy Queen At odds: 8.00
th J Z's First At odds: 9.00
th Blue Ridge Queen At odds: 5.00
th G G's Wreckingball At odds: 51.00
th Aphrodites Revenge At odds: 8.50
th Resposado At odds: 1.001

01:38 Evangeline Downs Race 5

Race 5

Race result

th Sr. Clarky At odds: 10.00
th Why Joey Why At odds: 15.00
th Park Ridge Benny At odds: 6.50
th Boston Repo At odds: 10.00
th Run Away Son At odds: 19.00
th Debonnaire Dude At odds: 15.00
th Little Toe At odds: 23.00
th Fire Blaster At odds: 8.50
th Maintainance Matt At odds: 8.00
th Best You Ever Seen At odds: 3.50

02:05 Evangeline Downs Race 6

Race 6

Race result

th Perfect Perigee At odds: 8.00
th Crusader Express At odds: 8.50
th Egeauxtism At odds: 10.00
th Doctor Leo At odds: 9.00
th Yank Crime At odds: 23.00
th Justa Swinging At odds: 17.00
th Last Appeal At odds: 23.00
th Palace Wind At odds: 9.00
th Tripper John At odds: 13.00
th Relax Town At odds: 3.75
th Mr. Paycheck At odds: 17.00

02:32 Evangeline Downs Race 7

Race 7

Race result

th Salt Life Angel At odds: 29.00
th Sweet Amelia At odds: 3.00
th Candy Candy Candy At odds: 21.00
th C C Crown's Choice At odds: 1.001
th Exotic Town At odds: 21.00
th Last Destiny At odds: 23.00
th Seven Come Eleven At odds: 17.00
th Cajun Shots At odds: 8.50
th Kohensrising At odds: 81.00
th Bodie On Pointe At odds: 11.00
th Bee House At odds: 2.25
th Grayfully At odds: 1.001
th Ten Tap Dances At odds: 17.00
th Not Enough Bling At odds: 1.001

02:59 Evangeline Downs Race 8

D. S. Shine Young Futurity

Race result

th Iron Banner At odds: 29.00
th Buckley Bunny At odds: 7.50
th Morewickedthanless At odds: 34.00
th Order Up Another At odds: 81.00
th Drop Dead Sexy At odds: 7.50
th Mylies Star At odds: 13.00
th Madame Jane At odds: 3.25
th Free Like A Girl At odds: 3.50
th Serape At odds: 21.00

03:26 Evangeline Downs Race 9

Race 9

Race result

th Hunka Burning Love At odds: 3.00
th Its A Wrap At odds: 1.91
th Boyfriend Material At odds: 13.00
th Mageez At odds: 13.00
th Dinar At odds: 8.00
th Lemniscate At odds: 15.00
th Mocito Rojo At odds: 1.001
th Treys Midnite Moon At odds: 13.00

03:52 Evangeline Downs Race 10

Race 10

Race result

th Tool Box At odds: 5.00
th Primeinterestrate At odds: 11.00
th Shack Partout At odds: 8.00
th Wild Cajun Grip At odds: 26.00
th Sassy's Prospector At odds: 11.00
th River's Raging At odds: 51.00
th The Flush King At odds: 3.25
th My Pal Greeley At odds: 19.00
th Andrew's Music At odds: 51.00
th Mr Elvin At odds: 29.00
th Paralissfrmanalyss At odds: 5.50


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