Charles Town
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00:00 Charles Town Race 1

Race 1

Race result

th Thisisthetimetowin At odds: 9.50
th Parlay Voeux At odds: 13.00
th Level Seventeen At odds: 15.00
th Not Telling At odds: 7.50
th Make It Rain At odds: 5.50
th Uncle Jessie At odds: 29.00
th Dusky At odds: 11.00
th Eje Gama At odds: 3.25
th R Tap At odds: 31.00
th Boston Billy At odds: 3.13

00:30 Charles Town Race 2

Race 2

Race result

th Nazca Mystery At odds: 8.50
th Take Time At odds: 3.50
th He's A Gold Digger At odds: 4.50
th Lufty's Kisses At odds: 3.25
th Rum Runner Red At odds: 26.00
th Jovial John At odds: 21.00

00:57 Charles Town Race 3

Race 3

Race result

th Nautical Warrior At odds: 2.25
th Lufti'sbrokenheart At odds: 126.00
th Ask Me How Iknow At odds: 6.00
th Itsahattatack At odds: 11.00
th Genesis G G At odds: 19.00
th Cryptosonde At odds: 21.00
th Ghost Mine At odds: 23.00
th Yesiknowwhoiam At odds: 7.50
th Luca's Dream At odds: 101.00

01:25 Charles Town Race 4

Race 4

Race result

th Sharp's Mission At odds: 67.00
th Makana At odds: 101.00
th Redoubtable At odds: 15.00
th Mini Bolt At odds: 67.00
th Island Cadger At odds: 8.50
th B J's Big Boy At odds: 2.40
th Grecian Admiral At odds: 23.00
th Chestnut Lime At odds: 4.50
th Across America At odds: 19.00
th Lil Mr Matt At odds: 9.00

01:53 Charles Town Race 5

Race 5

Race result

th Lookin Back At odds: 2.75
th Just Ask Me At odds: 17.00
th Kens Lady At odds: 2.88
th Stop Talking At odds: 10.00
th Lineage At odds: 34.00
th Trueno Fuerte At odds: 81.00
th Waterloo Rose At odds: 67.00
th Pacific Gold At odds: 21.00
th R Awesome Rose At odds: 19.00
th Skinny Molly At odds: 11.00

02:21 Charles Town Race 6

Race 6

Race result

th Executive Retreat At odds: 1.91
th Castle One At odds: 51.00
th Lass Moment At odds: 21.00
th Castlefinn At odds: 51.00
th Eagle Pride At odds: 29.00
th Overpower At odds: 21.00
th Moon Watcher At odds: 7.00
th Jacky's Man At odds: 12.00
th Merry Merry Mojo At odds: 7.00

02:49 Charles Town Race 7

Race 7

Race result

th Humpty Grumpty At odds: 6.00
th All About Tap At odds: 15.00
th Brave Stranger At odds: 21.00
th Spunman At odds: 2.00
th Remys Showtime At odds: 15.00
th Coban At odds: 67.00
th Warrior's Estate At odds: 23.00
th Mindyourpsandqs At odds: 81.00
th Seattle Sailaway At odds: 51.00
th Showtime Cat At odds: 4.50

03:17 Charles Town Race 8

Race 8

Race result

th Revolving Love At odds: 4.50
th Cross Keys At odds: 7.00
th Trinni Sunset At odds: 67.00
th Dianathehuntress At odds: 67.00
th Princess Anne At odds: 34.00
th Right Notion At odds: 4.50
th Holiday Curls At odds: 34.00
th Commanding Lady At odds: 2.75

03:45 Charles Town Race 9

Race 9

Race result

th Shesauptowngirl At odds: 8.50
th Itsi Bitsi At odds: 34.00
th Real Fancy Pants At odds: 17.00
th Megs Squirellygirl At odds: 41.00
th Natural Sonde At odds: 4.00
th Sammie Girl At odds: 10.00
th Wild Cork At odds: 9.50
th Lilbitsofdrama At odds: 17.00
th Celia's Pride At odds: 3.00
th More Than Gold At odds: 1.001
th Bads Lil Lady At odds: 1.001


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