🏆 Tunisia Cup

The Tunisia Football Cup, a symbol of passion and competition, has been an integral part of the North African nation’s sporting landscape since its inception. This prestigious tournament, with its storied history and fierce battles, is a testament to Tunisia’s dedication to the beautiful game.

Main Teams in the Cup

The Tunisia Football Cup attracts the nation’s most formidable teams, each vying for the coveted title. Esteemed clubs such as Espérance de Tunis, Club Africain, Étoile du Sahel, and CS Sfaxien consistently grace the pitch, demonstrating their commitment to triumph on the grand stage.

🏆 Winning Teams in the Last 10 Seasons

🗓️ Season🥇 Winner🏃🏾 Runner-Up
2012Espérance de TunisClub Africain
2013Club AfricainEspérance de Tunis
2014Espérance de TunisCS Sfaxien
2015CS SfaxienEspérance de Tunis
2016CS SfaxienÉtoile du Sahel
2017Club AfricainEspérance de Tunis
2018Espérance de TunisES Métlaoui
2019ES MétlaouiCS Sfaxien
2020– Season Cancelled –
2021CS SfaxienEspérance de Tunis
2022– Season Ongoing –


The Tunisia Football Cup is a testament to the vibrant spirit of football that courses through the nation’s veins. It is a stage where passion, skill, and determination collide to create unforgettable moments. As you explore the captivating narratives of Tunisia’s football journey, remember that this website serves as your gateway to understanding the dynamic world of African football. Uncover the stories that have shaped the sport across the continent and immerse yourself in the fervor that unites fans and players alike.

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