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Like every Championship side, there are a huge range of odds to bet on with regards to Swansea City. With their relatively high number of managers over the last ten years, next Swansea City manager odds can sometimes provide opportunities to make profit. 

Swansea City relegation odds are popular, with the team sliding down the table in recent years. Equally, odds on Swansea City to stay up can also be appealing.

Odds on Swansea to win a trophy are usually long, with the League Cup victory in 2013 being their first major trophy since 1968, not many bettors take the odds on Swansea to win a competition.


Swansea City A.F.C are a football team currently playing in the Championship.  Based in the city of Swansea in Wales, they are one of two teams based outside of England who have played Premier League football. Following promotion in 2011, Swansea remained in England’s top flight for seven consecutive seasons before relegation in 2018.

Swansea City history begins in 1912. Traditionally the sport of choice for the people of Swansea was rugby, and there were previous failed attempts at forming a football club. However, Swansea did found a football side in 1912, called Swansea Town.

Swansea Town’s first season was in the Southern League Second Division for the 1912/1913 campaign. Their first season also brought the club’s first trophy, as Swansea Town won the Welsh Cup.

After the First World War, during which the football calender was suspended, the Southern League removed its Second Division and Swansea were given a place in the Southern League proper. In 1920, the club became members of the new Third Division, and a season later were given a place in the Third Division South.

The 1924/1925 season saw Swansea win their division, and with it promotion to the Second Division. The following season, they consolidated their Second Division place with a fifth position finish, and also reached the Semi-Finals of the FA Cup.

The club remained in the Second Division for 16 consecutive seasons. During this time, Swansea Town won another Welsh Cup title. However, following the resumption of football after the Second World War, Swansea suffered relegation and started their 1947/1948 season back in the Third Division South.

However, two seasons later Swansea Town won the Third Division South title for a second time, and regained their place in the Second Division. The 1949/1950 season was the first of 16 consecutive seasons in the second tier of English football. 

Swansea Town never really looked like challenging for promotion, with most of their Second Division finishing positions being around mid-table. Despite an uneventful period, the club did reach another FA Cup semi-final during the 1963/1964 season.

A year later, though, and Swansea were relegated once again. This time, rather than win promotion two years later they were relegated again, and started their 1967/1968 campaign in the newly formed Fourth Division.

In 1969, the club name changed. Following the town of Swansea being given city status, the club followed suit and changed their title to Swansea City A.F.C.

The new name brought a new league, with Swansea earning promotion back to the Third Division in the 1969/1970 season. However, this wasn’t to last long, and after just three seasons the club suffered relegation again.

In 1974/1975, the club finished in 22nd position and had to apply to be re-elected to the Football League. They were successfully re-elected though, and in 1978 the club won promotion back to the Third Division.

A successive promotion followed and Swansea City were back in the Second Division. After two years in the second tier, another promotion was earned and the club found itself in the First Division for the first time in Swansea City history.

Unfortunately for Swansea, the club suffered relegations back to the Fourth Division just as quickly as they had earned promotion to the top flight. Two successive relegations in 1982/1983 and 1983/1984 saw the club back in the Third Division and two seasons later, another relegation hit the club.

During this time, Swansea City were suffering from huge financial problems. In real danger of liquidation, Doug Sharpe, a Swansea businessman, took over the club and saved it from going under.

A play-off system was introduced in the Fourth Division in the 1987/1988 season, and Swansea were the first winners. Promoted to the Third Division once again, the club stayed in the third tier for eight consecutive seasons.

The introduction of the Premier League in 1992 resulted in the Football League changing the names of its divisions. The Second Division became Division One, Third Division Division Two and the Fourth Division Division Three. In this same season, Swansea came very close to promotion but lost the Division Two play-off semi final to West Brom.

A trip to Wembley did happen though. The following season, Swansea won the Autoglass Trophy, appearing at Wembley for the first time in the club’s history.

However, another relegation hit the club in the 1995/1996 season. The club finished in 22nd spot and were sent back down to Division Three. They almost made an immediate return, but lost the play-off final, followed by a play-off semi-final defeat two seasons later.

This period, though, did bring a record to the club. Swansea City beat Premier League side West Ham United in the FA Cup Third Round, the first time a fourth tier club had beaten a first tier club in the competition since the inception of the Premier League in 1992.

The club eventually did win promotion in 1999/2000, only to be relegated back a season later. 

In 2002/2003, Swansea almost lost their Football League status. Only a final day win over Hull City saved the club and started a period of success.

For the 2004/2005 season, the Football League divisions were renamed again. Division One became the Championship, Division Two League One and Division Three League Two. Swansea immediately won promotion from League Two, clinching the final automatic place in their last game at Vetch Field on the last day of the season.

Swansea City moved to the Liberty Stadium, their current home, in 2005. The 2005/2006 season almost brought a consecutive promotion, a defeat on penalties in the play-off final prevented the club from reaching the Championship.

Just missing out on a play-off place the following season, Swansea City secured promotion to the Championship in 2007/2008, winning the League One title. 

In 2010, Brendan Rodgers took charge of the club and immediately Swansea won promotion to the Premier League. Just nine years after Swansea nearly went out of the Football League completely, they now were in the top flight, where they’ve remained ever since.

Swansea City were the first Welsh team to play in the Premier League since it’s creation in 1992. Despite being favourites to go down, Swansea managed a respectable 11th place finish before Brendan Rodgers left the club.

In 2013, Swansea City won the first major trophy in their history. They beat Bradford City 5-0 to lift the League Cup, and with it qualification to the Europa League.

The first ever Welsh Premier League derbies took place in the 2013/2014 season when Cardiff City also achieved promotion. Cardiff won the first 1-0, though Swansea beat them at home a few months later.

That season included doubles over Arsenal and Manchester United, and Swansea became only the third team in Premier League history to do that.

They also enjoyed their best ever Premier League finish, and their second best top flight finish, by finishing eighth with 56 points.

However, an 18th place finish in the 2017/2018 campaign saw the Swans demoted back to the Championship.


The Swansea City badge history includes a number of different emblems. The first Swansea crest was based on the Swansea Coat of Arms and was introduced in 1922. Set in a shield shape, the coat of arms was joined by ‘Swansea Town’ above it and the initials A.F.C below.

The Swansea City badge was altered over the years and new designs were created. Amongst these was the image of a red dragon, the symbol of Wales, with the initials S.C.A.F.C underneath.

In the 1980’s the badge was changed and a new image of a swan sat atop the Henry de Beaumont castle was designed, encased inside a circle.

In 1998, a new badge was created. Simply featuring an image of a swan in black and the team name underneath, this badge has stayed with the club ever since. The colour of the swan was changed to red from 2000-2002, before reverting back to black. 

For the period between 2005 and 2007, a circle was introduced to surround the swan, before again reverting back to the original 1998 crest.

In 2012, for Swansea’s 100 year anniversary celebrations, a special badge was used. Set in gold, this badge featured a swan inside the shield with the dates 1912-2012 underneath alongside the team name.

In 2013, the 1998 emblem was again introduced, and this is the crest we see on the Swansea City kit today.


Swansea City have become known for their all white kits. Since formation in 1912, a white shirt has been the standard kit, though there have been occasional changes in colour and trim, and changes in colour to the shorts and socks.

From 1912 to 1955, the Swansea colours were white shirts, white shorts and black socks. This was the standard kit until 1955 when black shorts were introduced, though black shorts were also used for the 1935/1936 season.

In 1956, the club colours changed to an all white kit, and in 1959 orange was introduced. First used as a sock colour, the club reverted to an all white kit but with an orange trim until 1967.

Plain white kits were reintroduced, and the kit has generally stayed the same, with changes of colours of the trim alternating between black and red. There have been exceptions to this, with short periods of time including black shorts or socks, and a period in the 1990’s where red and black stripes became part of the design.

Swansea Stadium

Swansea first played at Vetch Field, at the time of formation owned by the Swansea Gaslight Company. The home of Swansea for 93 years, the stadium underwent a number of changes over this period of time before it was decided that a new ground should be built.

A new site was found, and the Liberty Stadium was built. Swansea City moved into their new home in 2005. The capacity stood at 20,750, though this has now been increased slightly to 21,088.

As well as being home to Swansea City, Ospreys rugby team also use the stadium for its home games.

The Liberty Stadium has also hosted international matches, with the Wales international football team playing there on three occasions.

There are plans to redevelop the Liberty Stadium, with the club hoping to extend the stadium’s capacity to over 30,000.


The fans of Swansea City have a deep rivalry with fellow Welsh side Cardiff City. One of the most fierce derbies in Britain, there is often trouble on and off the pitch when these two sides meet. Their last meeting came in 2014, and with the sides in different divisions there have been no South Wales derbies since that time.

Whilst a great deal of Swansea supporters come from the local area, they do have a fanbase outside of Wales. There are many Swansea City supporters clubs across the globe, including the Swansea City Supporters Trust which owns 21% of the club and has an Executive Director and an Associate Director on the Swansea City board to represent fans views.


In 2016, Jason Levien and Steve Kaplan led a consortium and bought a substantial number of shares in the club and launched a successful takeover bid. They now own around 68% of the club. The then Swansea City owner Huw Jenkins still holds the position of chairman and also still holds around 13% of shares.

The Swansea City Supporters Society Limited own 21% of the club, a rarity in today’s football with very few clubs selling that number of shares to supporters.

Swansea Stats

Wilfred Milne leads the Swansea City stats in terms of record appearances. Milne made 586 appearances for the club between 1920 and 1937.

Leon Britton is the only current Swansea City player to reach the top ten of the Swansea City all-time appearances list. Britton is currently 6th in the list, with 442 appearances so far in his Swansea career.

Ivor Allchurch tops the list of Swansea City’s all time record goalscorers. Allchurch enjoyed two spells at the club, from 1947 to 1958 and then again from 1965 to 1968. In 445 appearances for Swansea, Allchurch scored 166 goals.

The highest attendance a Swansea City side has played in front of on home turf came at Vetch Field in 1968. 32,786 witnessed the FA Cup clash between Swansea City and Arsenal in the Fourth Round of the competition.

The highest attendance at the Liberty Stadium was in 2016. A total of 20,972 spectators watched Swansea play Liverpool in the Premier League.

Swansea have appeared in European competition in eight seasons of their history. Swansea played in the European Cup Winner’s Cup on seven occasions after winning the Welsh Cup. They represented Wales in this competition, but UEFA ruled that Welsh clubs playing in the professional English leagues would not be allowed to represent Wales in future.

Swansea City qualified for the Europa League after winning the League Cup in 2013, and they represented England. They reached the Round of 32 stage before being beaten by Italian side Napoli.

Swansea City’s record win came in the European Cup Winner’s Cup. Swansea beat Sliema Wanderers 12-0 in the First Round First Leg of the competition in 1982.

Swansea’s record league win occurred in 1978 when they beat Hartlepool United 8-0 in the Fourth Division. Swansea have also won 8-1 twice, firstly against Bristol Rovers in the Third Division South in 1922, and then again in 1936 against Bradford City in the Second Division.

Bradford City were also the side Swansea achieved their highest ever away win against, the Swans beating Bradford 6-4 in the Third Division in 1990.

Swansea have conceded eight goals on three occasions. Their record league defeat was 8-1, against Fulham in the Second Division in 1938. They were defeated 8-0 by Liverpool in 1990 in the FA Cup, their heaviest ever FA Cup defeat, and in 1991, they conceded eight again, getting beat 8-0 by Monaco in the European Cup Winner’s Cup resulting in Swansea’s heaviest ever European defeat.

Swansea’s first competitive match came against Cardiff City in 1912, with the match finishing 1-1. The first Football League match the club took part in ended in defeat, a 3-0 away loss at Portsmouth in 1920.

Swansea’s first match in the Premier League also ended as a loss. They were beaten 4-0 in 2011/2012 by Manchester City, the eventual Premier League Champions that season.


Swansea City players currently number 25 in their first team squad. This number doesn’t include Swansea City Academy players.

Lukasz Fabianski is the current Swansea player of the year, winning the Supporters Player of the Year award. Jordan Ayew won the Players' Player of the Year gong.

Swansea City players wages are said to be at an average level compared to other teams in the Championship.

Swansea City’s record transfer was the purchase of Andre Ayew, who was bought from West Ham United in 2018 for £18 million. The highest transfer fee Swansea have ever received was the £45 million Everton paid for Gylfi Sigurdsson in 2017.

Notable ex Swansea players include Alan Curtis, who played for Swansea for three spells and holds a position on the current Swansea backroom staff. Curtis was also appointed caretaker manager on two separate occasions.

Other famous ex Swansea players include Roger Freestone, Wyndham Evans, Bob Latchford and Alan Tate. Garry Monk is another, Monk captained the side from League Two through to the Premier League, and later became manager of the club too.

Swansea Manager

The current Swansea City A.F.C manager is Graham Potter. Potter was appointed in June 2018 and became the 13th man to take charge of Swansea City in ten years.

The first Swansea manager appointed on a full-time basis was Walter Whittaker. Whittaker took charge of 75 games from 1912 to 1914.

Trevor Morris has managed more games for Swansea than any other, taking charge of 327 matches between 1958 and 1965.

Roberto Martinez holds the highest win percentage record of all time Swansea managers. Martinez managed the club from 2007 and 2009, winning exactly 50% of his 126 matches in charge.


Swansea City’s first major honour came in 2013, when the club won the League Cup. Other honours include the Welsh Cup (10 times); English second tier winners (1 time); English third tier winners (3 times); and English fourth tier winners (1 time). Swansea City also won the Football League Trophy on two occasions and the FAW Premier Cup in two consecutive seasons in 2004/2005 and 2005/2006.


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