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Northampton Town
Northampton Town

Best Northampton Town Odds

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1 Wigan Athletic Wigan Athletic 20 14 3 3 38 12 26 45
2 Shrewsbury Town Shrewsbury Town 20 12 5 3 27 14 13 41
3 Blackburn Rovers Blackburn Rovers 20 12 4 4 37 19 18 40
4 Bradford City Bradford City 21 12 3 6 33 25 8 39
5 Scunthorpe United Scunthorpe United 21 11 5 5 26 15 11 38
6 Charlton Athletic Charlton Athletic 20 10 5 5 29 24 5 35
7 Portsmouth Portsmouth 21 10 2 9 26 24 2 32
8 Oxford United Oxford United 21 8 6 7 35 27 8 30
9 Rotherham United Rotherham United 21 9 2 10 35 31 4 29
10 Peterborough United Peterborough United 21 8 5 8 33 32 1 29
11 Walsall Walsall 20 7 7 6 28 28 0 28
12 Southend United Southend United 21 7 7 7 24 32 0 28
13 Blackpool Blackpool 21 7 6 8 27 29 0 27
14 Fleetwood Town Fleetwood Town 21 7 6 8 29 32 0 27
15 Bristol Rovers Bristol Rovers 21 9 0 12 32 36 0 27
16 Oldham Athletic Oldham Athletic 21 7 5 9 35 39 0 26
17 Milton Keynes Dons Milton Keynes Dons 21 6 7 8 23 30 0 25
18 Doncaster Rovers Doncaster Rovers 21 6 5 10 21 26 0 23
19 Rochdale Rochdale 20 4 8 8 23 28 0 20
20 AFC Wimbledon AFC Wimbledon 20 5 5 10 15 22 0 20
21 Gillingham Gillingham 21 4 8 9 16 24 0 20
22 Plymouth Argyle Plymouth Argyle 21 5 5 11 17 30 0 20
23 Northampton Town Northampton Town 21 5 4 12 16 37 0 19
24 Bury Bury 20 4 5 11 19 28 0 17

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Northampton Town Odds

Northampton Town odds, like with every League One side, are commonly bet on throughout the season. With League One being renowned for its inconsistencies, with sides fighting relegation one season and challenging for the title the next, Northampton Town relegation odds are just as popular as odds on Northampton Town to be promoted.

Northampton Town betting odds can also be subject to bookmaker special offers, particularly if the club are involved in big matches, such as FA Cup ties or promotion clashes. Enhanced odds or money back specials are on offer regularly, particularly from bookmakers such as Paddy Power and Ladbrokes.

As well as match odds, bookmakers also offer odds on what happens off the pitch. For example, Northampton Town transfer odds and Northampton Town manager odds are very common with bettors and provide opportunities to make profit when betting on ‘behind the scenes’ markets.


Northampton Town are a professional football club located in Northamptonshire, England. Having played at least one season in all four of England’s professional divisions, the club currently take part in the English third tier, League One.

The history of Northampton Town Football Club begins in 1897. A meeting between AJ Darnell, a solicitor, and schoolteachers from the area resulted in the formation of a football club

Northampton Town joined the Northants League before moving to the Midland League in time for the 1899/1900 season.

Two seasons later, they club joined the Southern League, and the 1901/1902 season was the first of 16 consecutive seasons in this division, in a spell that saw Northampton Town win the title in the 1908/1909 campaign.

Northampton Town were awarded a place in the Football League for the 1920/1921 season and the club joined the Third Division South. The club made steady progress in their new division, but never really challenged for promotion. Equally, though, they never really flirted with relegation, and in total the club spent 37 non eventful seasons in the Third Division South.

The club did, though, create history during this period, when Fred and Albert Dawes became the first brothers to score in the same match for the same team in the 1932/1933 season when Northampton Town beat Newport County 8-0.

The Football League divisions were reorganised, with the Third Division North and Third Division South becoming national leagues and named the Third Division and Fourth Division. Northampton Town were given a spot in the Fourth Division, and began the 1958/1959 campaign in the fourth tier.

The first half of the 1960’s was an incredibly successful time for Northampton Town. A third place finish in the 1960/1961 season saw the club promoted to the Third Division. Two seasons later, and Northampton Town won the third tier title to seal promotion to the Second Division for the first time in Northampton Town history.

Northampton continued their success when a second place finish in the 1964/1965 season saw them earn promotion to England’s top flight. However, the 1965/1966 season was the club’s first and last season in the First Division, as they immediately suffered relegation.

The second half of the 1960’s was a complete reversal of the first. Following Northampton Town’s relegation from the First Division in 1966, the club suffered successive relegations and found themselves in the Third Division in 1967. Two seasons later, and a 21st place finish saw the club relegated back to the Fourth Division. Within the same decade, Northampton Town had worked their way up from the Fourth Division to the First, and all the way back down again.

The 1970’s didn’t start very well for Northampton Town either, with the club having to apply to be reelected to the Football League. However, in the 1975/1976 season, Northampton Town earned promotion in a season that saw every usual player score, including the goalkeeper.

The club’s time back in the Third Division was brief, and the club suffered an swift relegation.

The 1977/1978 season was the first of ten successive seasons in the country’s bottom tier.

In the 1986/1987 campaign, Northampton Town won the Fourth Division title. Promotion to the Third Division followed, but again their time in the third tier was short. A 22nd place finish in the 1989/1990 season saw the club return to the Fourth Division.

The club were still in the bottom tier when following the introduction of the Premier League, the Football League divisions were renamed. The Second Division became Division One, the Third Division Division Two and the Fourth Division Division Three. As such, Northampton Town started the 1992/1993 season as a Division Three club.

Northampton Town were facing serious financial worries. After the club went into administration, the 3 was set up and bought shares in the football club, the first time a supporters trust has invested in their club.

A season later, Northampton Town came very close to losing their Football League status altogether. After finishing bottom of Division Three, they should have been relegated. However, Kidderminster Harriers, who should have been promoted in their place, didn’t meet the specific stadium requirements set by the Football League and so Northampton kept their Division Three status in controversial circumstances.

In 1994, Northampton Town moved to Sixfields Stadium, the club’s home to this day. This move to a new home saw little change in the team’s performances until the 1996/1997 campaign. The club qualified and won the Division Three playoffs and were promoted to Division Two.

Back to back promotions were almost achieved, but the club lost the Division Two playoff final to Grimsby Town. The following season, due to an extreme injury list, the club lost form and were relegated.

The club swiftly returned to Division Two though, with a third place finish in the 1999/2000 season earning the club it’s third tier place back. However, three seasons later the club finished bottom of Division Town and returned to England’s fourth tier.

Two successive playoff appearances resulted in two successive playoff failures, but a second place finish in the 2005/2006 season saw the club promoted from the bottom tier (now called League Two) to League One. 

The club never seemed to settle to life back in the third tier, and League One relegation hit the club in the 2008/2009 campaign. Northampton Town spent the next seven seasons in League Two, during which time they were given a winding up petition and nearly went out of business.

Northampton Town managed to escape bankruptcy, and in the 2015/2016 season the club won the League Two title. Northampton Town started the 2016/2017 campaign in League One.


The Northampton Town crest is a version of the Northampton coat of arms. This Northampton Town football badge features the Northampton castle, with a shoe representing the industry of Northampton.

This Northampton Town football crest also features a rose, that has been an emblem of the town of Northampton since the 1600’s; and heraldic lions.

Before this crest was used, another Northampton Town badge adorned the shirts. This crest featured a lion holding a bag of shoemaking tools, and the club’s nickname ‘Cobblers’ featured in a banner underneath.

On other occasions, the team has worn the team initials of NTFC embroidered on their shirts, and in the late 1980’s, the crest was changed to a ball and a shoe with the club’s initials underneath.

From 2006 to 2010, the club wore a modernised version of the Northampton coat of arms, before returning to the original design in 2010.


The Northampton Town colours are traditionally claret and white. Since 2000, the Northampton Town kit colours have consisted of claret shirts, white shorts and either claret or white socks. Claret shirts had been worn well before this time, but in a variety of styles.

The first Northampton Town colours featured a half brown half light blue shirt, worn with black shorts and black socks. In 1899, the club colours changed to the well known claret. From 1899 to 1909, the Northampton Town kit consisted of claret and white striped shirts, worn with black shorts and claret socks.

For the 1909/1910 season, the club wore all white shirts with black shorts and claret socks, before changing back to claret shirts the following season.

From 1910 to 1960, the Northampton Town kit was a claret shirt, with white shorts and claret socks. During this period, though, the shirts were varied in styles. Throughout the 1940’s, the Northampton Town claret shirt featured white horizontal hoops, and the sock colours alternated between claret and claret and white hoops.

For two seasons in the 1960’s, the club wore an almost all white kit, that featured a horizontal claret stripe. This kit was discarded in 1962 and claret returned as the main shirt colour.

However, the white shirt returned in 1967, and white shirts with a claret trim were worn until 1988, although on rare occasions claret shirts returned.

For the 2016/2017 season, Northampton Town wore claret shirts with a white trim, white shorts and claret socks.

Northampton Town Stadium

The current Northampton Town stadium is Sixfields Stadium. The club moved into their new ground in 1994.

The Northampton Town stadium capacity stands at 7,724 and is an all seater stadium. The Northampton Town stadium layout features four main stands. These are the West Stand, which is the largest stand at Sixfields; the Dave Bowen Stand, otherwise known as the North Stand, the Alwyn Hargrave Stand, also know as the East Stand and features the Family Stand of Sixfields; and the Paul Cox Panel & Paint Stand, or South Stand, which is usually reserved for away supporters.

Before the club played at Sixfields Stadium, Northampton Town played at the County Ground. Northampton Town played here from its formation in 1897, and from 1905 shared the stadium with Northamptonshire County Cricket Club.


As well as the NTFC Supporters Trust, there are various Northampton Town Supporters Clubs across the country. NBA star Shaquille O’Neal is reportedly a Northampton Town supporter, through his friendship with Northampton Town owner Kelvin Thomas.

Northampton Town supporters enjoy a fierce rivalry with Peterborough United, a rivalry that has grown over the last five decades. There are also other rivalries with Oxford United, and the now defunct Rushden & Diamonds.

The Northampton Town Supporters Trust was set up in 1992. It has formed close ties with the club, and held shares following the financial turmoil Northampton Town faced in the early 1990’s.


The current Northampton Town owner is Kelvin Thomas. Thomas also holds the position of Northampton Town Executive Chairman. 

Thomas bought the club in 2015 following serious financial woes striking the club. Thomas had also been the chairman of Oxford United and owns the internet radio station Shaq-Fu, along with basketball star Shaq O’Neal.

Thomas bought the club from David Cardoza, who has since been hit with legal trouble. Cardoza bought the club from Andrew Ellis and Ken Good.


Northampton Town stats begin with the club’s all time leading appearance maker. Tommy Fowler holds that record, having made 552 appearances for Northampton Town in a spell that lasted from 1946 to 1961.

Fowler is the only Northampton Town player to have passed the 500 appearances mark. However, two players have played in over 400 games for the club. These are Ian Sampson, who made 449 appearances for Northampton between 1993 and 2004, and Peter Gleasure, who played in 412 matches from 1982 to 1981.

Northampton Town’s record goalscorer of all time is Jack English. English scored 143 goals in 321 appearances for the club from 1947 to 1959. English is one of four players to have scored over 100 goals for the club, the others being Eddie Bowen, who scored 120 goals between 1927 and 1931; William Lockett who notched 110 goals from 1914 to 1925; and Albert Dawes who scored 103 goals for the club between 1929 and 1933.

The highest home attendance a Northampton Town side has played in front of was 24,523, the number of spectators who watched Northampton play Fulham in the First Division. The record attendance at Sixfields Stadium is 7,798. This crowd watched Northampton Town take on Manchester United in the League Cup in 2016.

Northampton Town’s record signing is Josh Low. Low cost the club £165,000 from Oldham Athletic in 2003. The highest transfer fee Northampton Town have ever received is £470,000, a fee paid by Blackburn Rovers for Mark Bunn in 2008.

Northampton Town’s record victory is 11-1, the scoreline Northampton beat Southend United by in the Southern League during the 1909/1910 season. Northampton Town’s record defeat came during the 1901/1902 season when the club were defeated 11-0 by Southampton in the Southern League.

Northampton Town Players

The current Northampton Town players list consists of 26 members of the first team. During the 2015/2016 League Two winning season, three Northampton Town players were named in the 2016 League Two PFA Team of the Year. These were Adam Smith, John-Joe O’Toole and Ricky Holmes.

Eight other Northampton Town players have been named in PFA Teams of the Year. These are Paul Stratford (1975); Steve Phillips (1981); Keith McPherson (1987); Richard Hill (1987); Trevor Morley (1987); Ian Hendon (2000); Ian Taylor (2006); and Josh Low (2006).

Notable ex Northampton Town players include three players who were chosen by Northampton Town supporters as cult heroes. The three chosen were Andy Woodman, John Frain and Dave Bowen.

Northampton Town Manager

The current Northampton Town manager is Rob Page. Page took on the Northampton Town manager position in the summer of 2016, replacing Chris Wilder.

The most successful man in Northampton Town manager history is arguably Dave Bowen. Bowen led the club to their first, and to date only, season in the English top flight. Dave Bowen is also the Northampton Town manager who has taken charge of the most Northampton matches, taking control of 512 games across two spells at the club, from 1959 to 1967 and then from 1969 to 1972.

In terms of win percentage, the most successful Northampton Town manager is Chris Wilder. Wilder won 61 of his 126 matches in charge of Northampton, giving him a win percentage of 48%.


Northampton Town have never won a major trophy in their history. The Northampton Town honours list consists of one third tier title (1962/1963); two fourth tier titles (1986/1987 and 2015/2016); Southern Football League champions (1908/1909); and FA Charity Shield runners-up (1909).


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