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Best UEFA Champions League Odds

Sports fans who love watching and betting on the UEFA Champions League should always check the odds. Deciding what kind of bet to opt for is much easier with Champions League odds.

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About UEFA Champions League odds

Even before the season kicks off the oddsmakers and analysts will compare all the factors to determine potential favourites. Champions League odds tend to change rapidly as the matches dates approach, so make sure to check them regularly.

Champions League type of cup: International Cup
Participants: 26
Current champion: Real Madrid
Most valuable player: Kylian Mbappé (€160.00m)

As one of the most prestigious football tournaments, the UEFA Champions League is attracting a lot of attention in the world of betting. Prior to and during the tournament, all the major sportsbooks will offer Champions League betting odds. The key to understanding Champions League betting odds lies in their format, the game itself and analysis of past events.

Champions League Odds Format

There are three different Champions League odds formats the bettor can find and those are:

  • Fractional
  • Decimal
  • American

Once you see the Champions League odds rendered in fractions, you can often deduce how much you could win. For example, when you see a 10/1 fractional odd, this means that the bettor can win £10 for every pound they wager. Of course, all of this applies only to those predictions and bets that turn out successful.

On the other hand, decimal Champions League odds will give the bettor a slightly different insight into the potential outcome. With the decimal odds, the wagerer can estimate the return that one can get. So, when someone makes a bet worth £10 with the 10.00 odds, the potential winning is £100. The £10 is the invested sum while £90 is the return on investment.

When it comes to the American odds format, it will suggest how much money could a bettor make from a $100 wager. If you see a format that looks like +1100, that means that you could win $1,100 from a $100 bet, in case your prediction was successful. With this kind of bet, one usually gets the betting sum back, on top of the return. Thus, the total amount won would be $1,200 in this case. Keep in mind that this is just the way of calculating, and the wagerers are not obligated to bet $100.

Champions League winner odds - Who will win the UEFA Champions League in 2022/2023?

With tons of different wagering options to choose from, you can go for anything from match betting, futures, singles, etc. However, the most popular futures betting market is definitely the Champions League winner odds market. This market includes the predictions for the next Champions League football tournament winner, finalists and even top goal-scorer.

Once the oddsmakers analyze all the factors affecting the odds, they will start releasing odds on Champions League winner 2023. These odds including Champions League final odds change with every eliminated team during the tournament. As the finals are getting closer, the chances to win big becomes smaller, as everything might be pretty obvious at the later stages of the tournament. Of course, nothing beats the occasional unexpected underdog winner action that might happen.

As far as the Champions League 2022/2023 season is concerned, the definite favourites are Manchester City. Many think that they will go in with all they have got just like in the previous season and win the Champions League, just like they did with Premier league last season.

Keep in mind that nothing is as predictable as it seems and that the competition has 32 teams competing in total. This means that the situation can take different turns and everything is possible. Moreover, another top contender is Liverpool that might reach the finals taking place at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey.

Apart from Manchester and Liverpool, PSG, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona are three greatly favoured teams for the forthcoming 2022/2023 UCL season.

Compare Champions League odds from top bookies with SmartBets

Comparison of the Champions League odds from different sportsbooks is very helpful for creating the best betting strategy. Unless you are a stickler to a particular bookmaker, you should always cross-check the odds among multiple operators. Wagerers can compare Champions League odds from top bookies with SmartBets and get the best odds available.

If you want to know how to use the tool, check out the guided list below:

  1. First off, visit SmartBets websites and register/log in
  2. Then, go to the “add your bookmakers” and select the preferred operators
  3. Afterwards, add leagues you want to the “My leagues” section
  4. Or, add teams to the “My teams” section to follow those precise Champions League odds

The tool will generate a list of leagues, teams and future matches with the current odds from as many bookies as you selected. Besides, the users can click on the “View all odds” and open the detailed Champions League betting odds list with all the markets.

The Champions League odds odds vary from one sportsbook to the next, and the goal is to find the best deals and best prices. With SmartBets the user will be able to find fresh odds on a regular basis and gather information quickly and easily. In addition, the tool has different filters that can simplify the search and target specific bookies or Champions League odds 2022/2023 for a specific match.

The SmartBets odds comparison tool is one way of finding and comparing the odds from various sources. Moreover, with this tool, the bettors will be able to see the top bookies’ odds side by side for any UEFA match. With hundreds of betting options usually available when you are analyzing UEFA odds on a single match, an odds comparison tool is simply a must.


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