FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Odds

Latest World Cup 2022 Odds

As the most popular international football tournament in the world is approaching, the atmosphere is getting more heated each day. Notably, we give an outline of the World Cup 2022 odds for all betting enthusiasts in the text below.

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About FIFA World Cup 2022 odds

Like any other sports competition, the World Cup 2022 definitely catches punters’ attention all around the world. As always, the top bookmakers were up to the task when providing the World Cup 2022 odds. To find out more information, such as which team’s odds to win World Cup 2022 are higher or lower, fans may continue reading this article.

World Cup 2022 Betting Odds: Who Will Win the World Cup 2022?

To elaborate more on the World Cup 2022 betting odds, we comment on the teams having the highest winning chances. Specifically, the teams that rank highest for winning the World Cup trophy are Brazil, France, and England.

Additionally, the table below features the top bookmakers’ 2022 World Cup odds in accordance with each team’s winning probability. Moreover, it is important to note that the odds are subject to change. Accordingly, fans may need to check the bookmakers’ websites in order to find the latest up-to-date 2022 World Cup odds.

Lastly, fans may take a look at the passages underneath to find specific details on the favourites’ and outsiders’ World Cup 2022 betting odds to win the tournament.

Best odds to win bet365 World Cup Betting Odds William Hill World Cup Betting Odds Ladbrokes World Cup Betting Odds
Brazil 5.00* 5.00* 5.50*
England 8.00* 8.00* 8.00*
France 7.00* 7.00* 7.00*
Spain 9.00* 9.00* 8.50*
Argentina 8.00* 8.00* 8.00*
Germany 11.00* 11.00* 11.00*
Belgium 15.00* 13.00* 11.00*
Portugal 13.00* 13.00* 13.00*
Netherlands 13.00* 15.00* 13.00*
Denmark 29.00* 29.00* 26.00*

*Odds are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change

2022 World Cup Odds: Who are the Favourites?

As stated, the top three teams most likely to win the World Cup 2022 are Brazil, France, and England. On the other hand, we have contenders like Spain, Argentina and Belgium who might as well stand a chance of becoming champions of the World Cup in 2022.

World Cup 2022 Favourites

First of all, the Cariocas are currently a team with the most World Cup trophies. In addition to this, the Little Canary has shown an outstanding performance during the World Cup 2022 qualifiers.

Of course, the Cariocas’ most famous players, such as Neymar, Casemiro, Coutinho and the like, are troublemakers for opposing teams. However, the Little Canary has not won a World Cup competition in 20 years. So, they may lack a bit of self-confidence because of this.

The top bookmakers regard the previous World Cup tournament winner, France, as the second most probable to win. Just like Brazil, the French team remained undefeated during the World Cup qualifiers and ranked first in its group.

Also, the Blues have numerous superstar players in their team. Some of them are Mbappe, Rabiot, Benzema, Varane, and many others. Nevertheless, winning the World Cup competition twice in a row may be an extremely difficult task for the Blues.

The team that ranks third to win the World Cup 2022 based on the top bookmakers’ odds is England. Equally, the Three Lions lost no match during the qualifiers and were the top-ranking team as well. On top of that, this team’s goal difference exemplifies their flawless performance.

With Kane being the captain and top scorer, along with players like Foden and Trent, England’s position is surely favourable. Still, England is known to have lost a couple of crucial title matches in the past. Therefore, we may say that this is the only fact that downgrades the Three Lions’ chances of winning the cup.

Best Bookies with Betting Odds for World Cup 2022

For fans who wonder where to find them, we include the best bookies and their odds for World Cup 2022. More accurately, we provide a list of the best bookmakers offering the best odds and selections below.

World Cup 2022 Odds Ladbrokes

Speaking of this bookmaker, we may say that it offers a wide range of different betting options and selections. Having the live streaming and live betting options on its website, Ladbrokes offers its users a full betting experience. In addition, its user-friendly website is easy to navigate on.

Aside from this, Ladbrokes features very famous betting sections which involve coupons, outrights, and specials. As expected, this bookmaker also considers the competitors’ World Cup 2022 odds to win this competition. Some of the betting markets in this bookmaker’s offer are the World Cup winner, the top goalscorer, etc.

World Cup 2022 Odds William Hill

Amazingly, William Hill is the oldest bookmaker in the UK. Viewed as the veteran among the world’s best bookies, William Hill’s World Cup betting selection is very diverse. More precisely, this operator lists six big betting market groups. The six-group market includes World Cup 2022 markets, match markets, scorer/match specials, goals, half markets, and handicaps.

Curiously, there is a unique “Your odds” section on this bookmaker’s website. Strictly, this section allows customers to create their own bets. Interestingly, one of the many interesting World Cup betting options relates to the team England’s players' inclusion in the squad.

World Cup 2022 Odds Paddy Power

Apart from other bookmakers mentioned, Paddy Power also positions itself among the best bookies. Mainly, this bookmaker’s wide variety of betting markets and betting choices is what secures it this position. With reference to its website, Paddy Power features quick links such as football stats, betting calculator, betting rules, etc. Even more, there is a whole World Cup section on this bookmaker’s website.

There, punters may find the most commonly asked questions and answers associated with the World Cup tournament. Further, in the outright section, there are betting choices such as Golden Boot, first time winner, stage elimination, etc. Nicely, the Paddy Power’s official website possesses an option of showing odds both in their fractional and decimal form.

World Cup 2022 Odds bet365

Last but not least, we present bet365 as one of the top bookies. Certainly, the offer on this bookmaker’s official website mainly justifies its popularity. First of all, this bookmaker offers a couple of features players may find useful. Similarly to William Hill, bet365 may have an option where users can build their own bets.

Furthermore, there is a vast range of markets customers can choose from. Should users want to find more about the betting markets on bet365, they can visit their official website.

FAQ about World Cup 2022 Odds

Finally, we answer the most frequently asked questions related to the World Cup 2022 tournament and betting offers.

When will all betting odds on World Cup 2022 be available?

All the odds for the World Cup are expected to appear before the tournament starts. Mostly, the odds availability largely depends on the bookmakers’ decisions and predictions. Greatly, a large majority of the odds have already been published. For the rest of them, customers should stay tuned and follow the bookmakers’ websites.

What type of bets are offered during World Cup 2022?

The betting types are numerous, starting from the most basic ones all the way to the unique ones. To outline, some of the basic bet types are 1x2, handicap, correct score, etc. Additionally, the unique bet types are elimination on penalties, players to be in a squad, to list but a few.

Where can I find the best World Cup 2022 outright odds?

In fact, all the bookmakers listed above offer special outright odds. Generally, players get a chance to use the outright odds on betting types such as stage elimination, runner up, etc. Also, this type of odds includes bet types like first time winner, group winner, to reach the final, and more. In order to see the full list of the World Cup 2022 outright odds, customers may check the bookmakers’ websites.

What are the best betting sites for World Cup 2022?

As previously said, we have provided a list of the best bookies with their odds offers. The best bookies list is comprised of Paddy Power, bet365, William Hill, and Ladbrokes. Naturally, players may visit the official websites of the aforementioned bookies to see their full offers.

What kind of special offers will be available during World Cup 2022?

Usually, the best bookies provide players with opportunities to enhance or boost their odds. This means that customers can increase their payout by placing bets on certain World Cup markets. 

Besides this, we expect the bookmakers to allow users to place accumulator bets. Factually, the accumulator bets require players to bet on various competitions. Knowing this, customers can place bets on various events, including the World Cup games.

World Cup 2022 Calendar:

Group A

21. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Senegal vs Netherlands
21. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) Qatar vs Ecuador
25. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) Qatar vs Senegal
25. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) Netherlands vs Ecuador
29. November 2022 15.00 (UK time) Ecuador vs Senegal
29. November 2022 15.00 (UK time) Netherlands vs Qatar

Group B

21. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) England vs Iran
21. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) USA vs Wales
25. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Wales vs Iran
25. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) England vs USA
29. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Wales vs England
29. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Iran vs USA

Group C

22. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
22. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) Mexico vs Poland
26. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) Poland vs Saudi Arabia
26. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Argentina vs Mexico
30. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Poland vs Argentina
30. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

Group D

22. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) Denmark vs Tunisia
22. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) France vs Australia
26. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Tunisia vs Australia
26. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) France vs Denmark
30. November 2022 15.00 (UK time) Australia vs Denmark
30. November 2022 15.00 (UK time) Tunisia vs France

Group E

23. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) Germany vs Japan
23. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) Spain vs Costa Rica
27. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Japan vs Costa Rica
27. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Spain vs Germany
1. December 2022 19.00 (UK time) Japan vs Spain
1. December 2022 19.00 (UK time) Costa Rica vs Germany

Group F

23. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Morocco vs Croatia
23. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Belgium vs Canada
27. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) Belgium vs Morocco
27. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) Croatia vs Canada
1. December 2022 15.00 (UK time) Croatia vs Belgium
1. December 2022 15.00 (UK time) Canada vs Morocco

Group G

24. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Switzerland vs Cameroon
24. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Brazil vs Serbia
28. November 2022 10.00 (UK time) Cameroon vs Serbia
28. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) Brazil vs Switzerland
2. December 2022 19.00 (UK time) Serbia vs Switzerland
2. December 2022 19.00 (UK time) Cameroon vs Brazil

Group H

24. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) Uruguay vs South Korea
24. November 2022 16.00 (UK time) Portugal vs Ghana
28. November 2022 13.00 (UK time) South Korea vs Ghana
28. November 2022 19.00 (UK time) Portugal vs Uruguay
2. December 2022 15.00 (UK time) Ghana vs Uruguay
2. December 2022 15.00 (UK time) South Korea vs Portugal

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