Euro 2021

Euro 2021 Odds

The Latest Odds for Euro 2021

The European Championships are always heavily in demand. The same can be said of the next edition of the tournament, and the long-awaited Euro 2021 odds are finally announced.

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About Euro 2021 odds

In this article, we’re going to delve into the world of Euro 2021 betting odds and show you what types of markets are available. In particular, we’ll look at Euro 2021 winner odds, Euro 2021 qualifying odds and Euro 2021 top scorer odds.


Euro 2021 odds are available with almost every UK bookmaker. As with any major sports tournament, expect to see a plethora of odds and offers for this prestigious event.

Ready to learn about Euro 2021 betting odds? Let’s get started with one of the most popular markets, the Winner market.s

Euro 2021 Odds

Euro 2021 Winner Odds - Outright, Qualifying and Top Scorer

Betting on the outright winner of any tournament is a popular choice for many bettors. Outright odds tend to be available well in advance of the event. This means you can judge the value of the Euro 2021 winner odds available and assess when the best time to place your bet is.

There are a number of teams amongst the favourites for the upcoming European Championships. England are one of the favourites to win the tournament for the first time, and are actual favourites at a number of bookmakers.

Who else is taking the fancy of punters? Belgium have been heavily backed, with France, Holland, Germany, Spain and Italy also fancied by many.

This tournament has had so-called ‘surprising’ outcomes in its history. Teams that were expected to barely make the tournament itself have gone on to win it, Greece in 2004 being a good example of this.

Similarly, last time out, Portugal didn’t play particularly well in the early stages of the tournament, barely making it out of the group. Yet, they went on to win the competition, beating hosts France in the final.

We’ll look at the favourites and underdogs in more detail a little later in this article.

Euro 2021 odds are subject to change at any time, and those that are being backed now might see their odds lengthen or shorten the closer we get to the start date. Injuries, change of manager, anything that can have an impact on the game or tournament can drastically affect the odds.

Euro 2021 Odds: Qualifying and Topscorer

There are a range of popular Euro 2021 odds throughout the tournament. Two of these we’ll look at now - Euro 2021 qualifying odds and Euro 2021 top scorer odds. Let’s start with the former.

Euro 2021 Qualifying odds

There are all sorts of markets to be considered when betting on Euro 2021 betting odds. Betting on which teams will make it through the group stage is a common choice.

This market is available with the majority of online bookmakers. Previous editions have shown that it can be a pretty tricky task qualifying from the group into the knockout stages. This means there’s plenty of opportunity to find value in the market.

A good way to approach betting on this market is to assess the fixtures. Who are playing each other in the final group games? Has one side already qualified for the knockout stages, and therefore may choose to rest players for the final game? For Euro 2021, what country is the particular game being held in? Everything that you think could be considered, should be.

The top two sides from each group head into the knockout stage. So, this gives you a slightly better chance of successfully picking a side. The Euro 2021 betting odds for this market, though, are shorter than the odds for the outright group winner market.

Euro 2021 Top Scorer odds

European sides possess some of the world’s best strikers. More than that, most sides possess at least two or three players who you could argue the case to win the Top Goalscorer award come the end of the tournament.

Euro 2021 top scorer odds can offer a lot of value. Look at the sides who are playing well, creating plenty of chances for their forwards. Another aspect to consider is to look at the main penalty and free kick takers for each side. Also, look at the favourites to win the competition, the more games played the more opportunities for a striker to score.

For England, Harry Kane could be considered a potential Top Goalscorer winner. Romelu Lukaku for Belgium could be another consideration.

Euro 2021 Betting Odds: Favourites and Outsiders

Let’s look in a little more detail about the favourites to win the tournament, along with outsiders who could provide a shock or two. We’ll start with England.

England may never have won the European Championships, but that doesn’t stop the optimism. Gareth Southgate has brought in a host of young players, controversially overlooking more experienced players. Good thing or bad thing?

England enjoyed an excellent qualifying campaign, and have been put in Group D, alongside Croatia and Czech Republic. You’d expect Southgate’s men to get through that group, though it’s during the latter parts of tournaments where England have struggled in recent years.

Belgium are certainly a huge threat to anyone else’s success in this tournament. Possessing some fantastic players, Belgium are amongst the favourites to lift the trophy next year.

Roberto Martinez’s side will be confident of qualifying from Group B, up against Denmark, Finland and Russia.

In most tournaments, we find the so-called ‘Group of Death’. This is where holders Portugal find themselves, up against France and Germany in Group F. Arguments could be made for all three sides to win the competition outright, we should be in for some great games this summer.

Who else should we be looking at? Spain and Italy both have had recent success in international tournaments, and we expect both sides to perform well at Euro 2021. We also can’t rule out Holland, with the quality they currently possess, to have a say on proceedings.

FAQ about Euro 2021 odds

Interested in betting on Euro 2021 odds? Below, we’ve answered a handful of frequently asked questions to help you prepare for betting on the European Championships.

When will all betting odds on Euro 2021 be available?

Some bookmakers may have outright odds already available. All betting odds for Euro 2021 should be available in the months preceding the tournament. Remember, Euro 2021 odds are subject to change at any time. It’s certainly worth keeping this in mind, and analysing the value of the odds before you place any bet. Also, consider how and why the odds on your chosen market are fluctuating.

What types of bets are offered during Euro 2021?

There are a wide range of bet types available for the European Championships. As we’ve discussed in this article, Outright Winner odds are particularly popular. Group Winner, To Make The Knockout Stage, To Make The Final, Top Scorer, Top Assist Maker, there’s simply a huge variety of types that could suit your betting style.

We recommend that you specialise in one particular bet type or market for Euro 2021 odds. It’s easy to be swayed into placing a bet on a market or type you’re not too familiar with, tempted by the odds available. Be careful of doing this, it’s an easy way to mismanage your bankroll.

Where can I find the best Euro 2021 outright odds?

Odds can differ from bookmaker to bookmaker no matter what market you’re betting on. We will keep the tables in this article updated so you can compare prices easily.

What are the best betting sites for Euro 2021?

As we’ve touched upon, most online bookmakers will be offering Euro 2021 odds. We recommend that you choose a bookmaker that offers a variety of markets, in-play betting options and, of course, competitive odds consistently.

To help you decide which bookmaker is the right one for you, why not take a look at our bookmaker reviews? In these objectives, unbiased guides, we’ve researched what’s available with each bookmaker, the pros and cons and given you our overall rating.

It’s important to point out that you’re free to bet with whoever you like. Still, our expert reviews can certainly help you choose a bookie that offers you the best betting experience.

What kind of special offers will be available during Euro 2021?

As with all major sporting events, there will be a plethora of special offers for Euro 2021. These could be free bets on particular games, especially for England matches. Enhanced odds are another possibility, both on Outright Winner odds and individual matches.

Deposit matches and welcome bonuses could also make up part of an operator’s promotion repertoire. As soon as offers become available, we will let you know immediately. Bookmark this page so you don’t miss out on the latest Euro 2021 betting offers.

Euro 2021 Calendar

Group A

11th June 21:00 Read preview
12th June 15:00 Read preview
16th June 18:00 Read preview
16th June 21:00 Read preview
20th June 18:00 Read preview
20th June 18:00 Read preview

Group B

12th June 18:00 Read preview
12th June 21:00 Read preview
16th June 15:00 Read preview
17th June 18:00 Read preview
21st June 21:00 Read preview
21st June 21:00 Read preview

Group C

13th June 18:00 Read preview
13th June 21:00 Read preview
17th June 15:00 Read preview
17th June 21:00 Read preview
21st June 18:00 Read preview
21st June 18:00 Read preview

Group D

13th June 15:00 Read preview
14th June 15:00 Read preview
18th June 18:00 Read preview
18th June 21:00 Read preview
22nd June 21:00 Read preview
22nd June 21:00 Read preview

Group E

14th June 18:00 Read preview
14th June 21:00 Read preview
18th June 15:00 Read preview
19th June 21:00 Read preview
23rd June 18:00 Read preview
23rd June 18:00 Read preview

Group F

15th June 18:00 Read preview
15th June 21:00 Read preview
19th June 15:00 Read preview
19th June 18:00 Read preview
23rd June 21:00 Read preview
23rd June 21:00 Read preview


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